Monday, September 7, 2009

This Weeks Featured Shop Cara Lara

well...i've always painted and the like...for as long as i can remember. I studied art and graphic design at college years ago. I have a day job doing something completely different lol. I love faces and fashion design figures, so much so that i started a fashion design course last year (part time). Etsy has inspired me totally! I've discovered many talented artists and tried to find my own style borrowing others.....i know that sounds like i'm cheating.....but my faces are my own....but styles i have adapted. My goals.....i guess one day i would love to quit the day job and earn a living out of my art. I am starting to exhibit in local exhibitions and have sold a few paintings to date. I would love to challenge my style further and eventually have a range of products in shops whilst still producing art on a daily basis. Writing a book on life in general is also a huge want for me.

Please visit her shop at her prices are surprisingly low. Or at her blog

She is an amazing artist please retweet her so others can see her art as well!!!

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