Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tutorial: Make a Kids Halter dress/top From an Old Tshirt

It seems as though I have a lot of new uses for old shirts latley. :) Here's another good one which can be adapted for adults as well. These are the instructions to make a shirt or dress with or without a belt for girls. I made mine with a belt because the white tshirt was really boring, I also added a painted on star for fun. You can get really creative if you use a white shirt, or have an equally fun and hip dress with a tshirt that is not plain white.

Lay your shirt out flat, cut across under the neck as straight as possible. Then cut off the side seams including sleeves. Now you should have 2 rectangles left. Start with the back, measure about 5"-6" down depending how low you want the back. I like mine a little higher. Now cut off that piece, Fold down another inch to make a casing for your elastic. Stitch closed, leaving it open on either end. Measure the torso of the girl who will get this awesome dress, and devide it in half. That is how much elastic you will need. Feed it through the casing, & stitch both ends shut. If you want to add a belt to the dress like I did in the picture. Take a small piece of fabric, and fold each end under and stitch in the middle of the back piece.

Now for the front. Take your front piece and measure each side 2" in and 5"-6" down on the diagonal. Fold, iron, and stitch on the diagonal. Make a casing at the top same way you did in the back. Take a piece of fabric or a ribbon for the tie at the neck. With RIGHT sides together pin up each side, and sew.

If you are taking the belt option, You can take the matching fabric and make a belt by cutting a 4"w x 35" L (you can make it as long or as short as you need) fold the fabric in half RIGHT sides together and iron. Stitch all the way closed except for the ends, and turn it right side out by taking a safety pin and attaching it to one side and feeding it through to the other side, then stitch the ends shut. Now you can feed it through the belt loop.

Voila, you are all done, now she will have a light airy and eco friendly dress to wear all summer long!!


  1. Very cute!


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  4. It seems like a thing to be done to all the old tees. The white dress is beautiful! Applaud to that.

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