Friday, July 17, 2009

Tutorial: How to Make an EASY Summer Dress for girls

This very easy,versatile, and inexpensive dress can be made in about an hour. All You Need is a yard of fabric (maybe a little less depending on size), and 2 pieces of coordinating ribbon 1 yard each.

The dress that my daughter is wearing in the picture I made for her 3 years ago, and she can still wear it. These dresses are extremely easy to make and forgiving. So don't worry if you are a novice this is the perfect tutorial for you. When you are done, you will have a dress she can wear for a few seasons as they can be dressed up with long sleeves and Pants. Or once she's grown out of it as a dress, it can be worn as a top.

Start by measuring the lucky lady from the collar bone to where you want the dress to stop, and add a few inches for hem at the bottom and casing at the top. Cut 2 identical rectangles about 20" wide by the length you want. You can of course make this as wide or narrow as you want. I prefer to make mine a little on the wide side.

Now put your rectangles right sides together, and fold lengthwise. Now you will make the arm hole by drawing with a fabric marker a backwards J about 4"-5" down and draw it all the way to the top. You should have all arm holes the same size. Cut out on your J, fold, press, and sew. Hem the bottom by rolling 1/4"-to 1/2", pressing, and repeating, then stitch. Now to make the casing at the top, do the same as you did for the hem, but larger. A small fold about 1/4", and press, and then a fold about 1" to 1"1/2 down press and stitch. Repeat for the other piece. This will be the casing for your ribbon straps.

Now with your pieces right sides together, sew up the sides to the bottom of the arm hole. Now take your ribbon and feed it through the casing by attaching it to a safety pin and feeding it through to the other side. Be sure to put a stitch in the middle so the ribbon won't come out. Also be sure to treat the ends with fray check or clear nail polish. I usually opt for the nail polish it's cheaper and works the same.
Voila you are now the proud owner of a great summery dress. If you have any questions feel free to post here, or email me. As always if you have made anything from my tutorials feel free to send a picture so I can post on my blog!!


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