Thursday, July 9, 2009

Look What I made, You Can Too!!

My daughter needed a black outfit for her end of the year program. I really wanted to make her a special outfit, but up until this point I have never attempted to make shirts. Sleeves always have confused me. :) Anyways I found this great tutorial for a peasant top which made it look pretty easy here's the link So I was able to cut the pieces out after a few tries, I always test new things on my fabric scraps. I was actually able to make a decent looking shirt. I did the sleeves a little differently because I cut them too small at the bottom, I omitted the elastic on the sleeves. So they ended up being like capped sleeves, and looked fine to me.

Then I made the pants. I love the look of the wide leg 3/4 length pants. So I took my regular pants pattern and widened it about 3"-4" on each side on each pant leg. I generally keep the true size in the rear end area.
This is great summertime/warmer weather outfit. It's light, comfy, and cute.
Give it a try and if you make either of these items send me a picture I would love to post it!!

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