Monday, July 20, 2009

This Weeks Featured Shop Bloomsbury Group

I am a stay at home Mum with two lovely kids, one already grown up! I have a fantastic husband, who is a well known designer and artist across the globe. I adore my pet moggy, and have a very naughty Bengal cat! They bring me joy and lots of love!My highs come from life itself and the simplest of things! I don't ask much, just to have good health and share my life with the people that make me smile and feel good!I have a passion for pretty things & unusual things,nature,animals,poppies,flowers, antiques,human psychology,well-being,eccentric people,calm people,the sea, creating, reading, and the country. I don't suffer fools gladly! I love everything vintage and love collecting. I have a great affinity for the past. My art and craft comes from fantasy driven ideas and exploration of my imagination. I like to be different and have my own take on things!I design my own art and patterns and everything is hand sewn.I make whimsical characters, art dolls, ornaments and plushies. The Bloomsbury Keepers have their home in my shop! They are an A-Z of whimsical characters that have a pouch. They are all named after poppies and all have a different design. Most are hiding in my sold section, but you will meet some in my shop list!I am inspired by the 'BLOOMSBURY GROUP' of artists and writers, Duncan Grant,Carrington,Vanessa Bell and Virginia Woolf leading the way. I appreciate all forms of art and can see beauty in most things.I love to make things and take pride in what I do.I love custom orders! They bring out the best in me!!If you like her shop feel free to retweet her, and you can visit her here


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