Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Girls Halter Dress with Elastic Top Tutorial Very Easy

This dress is a fun and easy project for beginner and more expierenced sewers alike. It's a great summertime piece, that can be layered for fall, and used as a shirt next year. :)

1) Start by measuring the little sweetie length wise and width wise, and cut 2 same size rectangles, always adding an inch or 2 for hemming and the casing. I usually like to make mine a little on the wider side as it will add fullness to the dress. Wider=fuller.

2) Hem the bottom of each piece.

3) Make your neck strap by cutting a 2" wide by the length you need strip of fabric. Fold with RIGHT sides together, and sew. Now turn right side out by poking a safety pin in one side and feeding it through to the other side.

4) Now put your hemmed rectangles together and sew up the sides.

5) Make your casing by folding over the top 1/2" and again about an inch. Press and sew.

6) Cut your elastic about 1" to an 1/2" smaller than needed otherwise it will be too big.

7) Feed it though your casing sew together and sew casing shut.

8) Now sew your neck strap to the front of the dress in the middle.

Voila You are Finished!!

If you want, you can get creative and can add iron on appliques, or paint directly on the dress as I did.

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