Monday, August 31, 2009

This Weeks Featured Shop Recycle Momma

My newest shop Recycle Momma is a true labor of love. I'd like to do something constructive for our kids and grandkids future. Saving the Environment seems like something I can accomplish in this weird world right now, one peice of clothing at a time.So I refashion old jeans, shirts, skirts, linens and things with bits and peices of new fabrics into something fresh and new. My grand parents and parents lived by the motto Make Do, Do Over or Do Without and saved back something for me so now I can do that for my grandkids. I'd like the recycled items we make to look so good the recycled bits are just part of the whole finished product and not the focus of attention.I have Also started a blog teaching about sewing and recycling as well shop

You can have a look at her shop by clicking the above link, and please retweet her so others can learn about her too.


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