Sunday, July 26, 2009


Just wanted to let all my awesome readers know that I will be on vacation for the next 2 weeks and I won't be able to add any new content until I get back. I hope until then you will keep visiting and reading, archived posts and tutorials. When I get back I will be adding some new sewing tutorials as well as new shop and item features. As always if you know of a shop or item you would like featured feel free to leave me a comment or email even if it's your own, I am always looking for new handmade items and shops to feature.

I am also looking for shop minis to display on my side bar, I would like to feature one per week. Leave me a comment under this post if you're interested in being featured that way.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

This Weeks Featured Shop Viva La Chic

I am doing this shop feature early because I will be leaving for vacation on Mon. But I wanted to dedicate the 2 weeks I am gone to a great lady, she is a fellow American expat living in Europe, she is CEO and founder of Get Eurofied of which I am a proud member, she is everywhere on the internet, and spends a lot of her time promoting handmade items and shops. Now you can learn a little but about what she is working on now, and be sure to use her coupon code just for That Girls Crafty readers.

Bree over at Viva La Chic has just debuted her new Carnival In Bloom Collection! This new line as well as many other goodies are available at . In honor of her new line she is offering That Girls Crafty readers a 20% discount! Please use code: TGC20 in notes to seller and she will send you a revised invoice. So if you are looking for chic handmade accessories to adorn your ears or highlight that perfect outfit then Viva La Chic is the place to be!Stylist Diva Fab Fashion, Divine Design, Hip Handmade & More!Get Eurofied The Ultimate Handmade European Sampler!Viva La ChicHandmade Designs with Couture in Mind.

Be sure to visit her at
or at Get Eurofied
or at her blog

If you like her shop be sure to retweet her so others can check her out too.

Friday, July 24, 2009

My New Shop

I just opened up a new shop on etsy called Simply Banners and Ads. I have needed so much ad and graphic work done lately, that rather than break the bank I started doing it myself, and have realized that I really enjoy making banners and ads, and I am going to try to sell some of my designs. I have put my etsy mini up in my side bar so you can see some of my designs, and I will be adding a lot more in the coming months. Feel free to stop by anytime I would love to have some visitors!!

I saw Le Tour De France!!!!!

Le tour de france came through Switzerland last Sunday, and they passed right by my inlaws house. We happened to be there for dinner, and we ran outside when we heard the loudspeaker car announce the bikers arrival. They came and went so fast I only managed to get a few pictures, but it was so cool!! It's not as widely televised in America so I never really watched it, but in Europe it's on every other channel all day long coverage. It's very important here, and there were quite a lot of spectators. I saw Lance Armstrong zoom by and the Swiss biker Canchellera who my husband was rooting for, it was a fun highlight to my Sunday, so I thought I would share it. :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blog Under Construction

I will be changing templates today, and my side bar info will be lost, I will be getting everything back up today. You can still comment and read posts.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Giveaway Month of August Set of Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags

This Month I am hosting the giveaway for a fellow etsian Counting Bunnies. Sue has generously offered to giveaway a set of her eco friendly reusable sandwich and snack bags.

Here is a small description of the item. This bag replaces the plastic sandwich bag...helps the planet while saving you money! This SET includes a Sandwich Bag and a Snack Sized Bag.The sandwich bag is approx. 7 x 7 ". The outside is made from 100% cotton fabric, while the inside is made from a water resistant ripstop nylon. The snack size bag is made from same liner and a coordinating blue fabric. The size is approx: 4 x 6.5"Wipes clean for quick clean up. Hang to dry. Has hook and loop fastener to close so none of your lunch escapes!Pattern placement may vary slightly from pictured, but will still be adorable!Go Green!

This Month there is 4 chances to enter:

1) Visit pick your favorite item from her shop, and include link with your comment.
2) Become her fan on facebook, and in another comment let us know you did.
3)Become a follower of this blog, and in another comment let me know you did.
4) Retweet this giveaway, or post a link to this giveaway on your blog, & again in another comment let me know you did.
You can post up to 4 comments if you want. The winner will be chosen by on Aug 31st, whatever number it chooses that comment is the winner. Winner will be posted on my blog the 31st so make sure to comeback and check!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

This Weeks Featured Shop Bloomsbury Group

I am a stay at home Mum with two lovely kids, one already grown up! I have a fantastic husband, who is a well known designer and artist across the globe. I adore my pet moggy, and have a very naughty Bengal cat! They bring me joy and lots of love!My highs come from life itself and the simplest of things! I don't ask much, just to have good health and share my life with the people that make me smile and feel good!I have a passion for pretty things & unusual things,nature,animals,poppies,flowers, antiques,human psychology,well-being,eccentric people,calm people,the sea, creating, reading, and the country. I don't suffer fools gladly! I love everything vintage and love collecting. I have a great affinity for the past. My art and craft comes from fantasy driven ideas and exploration of my imagination. I like to be different and have my own take on things!I design my own art and patterns and everything is hand sewn.I make whimsical characters, art dolls, ornaments and plushies. The Bloomsbury Keepers have their home in my shop! They are an A-Z of whimsical characters that have a pouch. They are all named after poppies and all have a different design. Most are hiding in my sold section, but you will meet some in my shop list!I am inspired by the 'BLOOMSBURY GROUP' of artists and writers, Duncan Grant,Carrington,Vanessa Bell and Virginia Woolf leading the way. I appreciate all forms of art and can see beauty in most things.I love to make things and take pride in what I do.I love custom orders! They bring out the best in me!!If you like her shop feel free to retweet her, and you can visit her here

And The Winner Is.....

This Months winner is comment number 33 Audrey!!! Congrats Audrey I will be contacting you by email if you left an address. Be sure to come back tomorrow when I will start a whole new give away for August. Thank you to all of you who entered.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tutorial: How to Make an EASY Summer Dress for girls

This very easy,versatile, and inexpensive dress can be made in about an hour. All You Need is a yard of fabric (maybe a little less depending on size), and 2 pieces of coordinating ribbon 1 yard each.

The dress that my daughter is wearing in the picture I made for her 3 years ago, and she can still wear it. These dresses are extremely easy to make and forgiving. So don't worry if you are a novice this is the perfect tutorial for you. When you are done, you will have a dress she can wear for a few seasons as they can be dressed up with long sleeves and Pants. Or once she's grown out of it as a dress, it can be worn as a top.

Start by measuring the lucky lady from the collar bone to where you want the dress to stop, and add a few inches for hem at the bottom and casing at the top. Cut 2 identical rectangles about 20" wide by the length you want. You can of course make this as wide or narrow as you want. I prefer to make mine a little on the wide side.

Now put your rectangles right sides together, and fold lengthwise. Now you will make the arm hole by drawing with a fabric marker a backwards J about 4"-5" down and draw it all the way to the top. You should have all arm holes the same size. Cut out on your J, fold, press, and sew. Hem the bottom by rolling 1/4"-to 1/2", pressing, and repeating, then stitch. Now to make the casing at the top, do the same as you did for the hem, but larger. A small fold about 1/4", and press, and then a fold about 1" to 1"1/2 down press and stitch. Repeat for the other piece. This will be the casing for your ribbon straps.

Now with your pieces right sides together, sew up the sides to the bottom of the arm hole. Now take your ribbon and feed it through the casing by attaching it to a safety pin and feeding it through to the other side. Be sure to put a stitch in the middle so the ribbon won't come out. Also be sure to treat the ends with fray check or clear nail polish. I usually opt for the nail polish it's cheaper and works the same.
Voila you are now the proud owner of a great summery dress. If you have any questions feel free to post here, or email me. As always if you have made anything from my tutorials feel free to send a picture so I can post on my blog!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Only a few More Days To Enter Julys Give Away

I am giving away one of my originally designed scrunch sack over the shoulder bags. You can enter 3 different ways or use all three for extra enteries!! Click here to go to the contest page.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

If You Are A Mommy You Will Love This Item

I saw these great little sandwich and snack bags while searching through the items on this months etsy kids challenge back to school. I am such a user of plastic baggies as I am sure most of us moms are. I take snacks in them, put wipes in them, & put odds and ends in them. I always have a little pain of guilt when I throw them away, knowing they take forever to breakdown, and that they are horrible for the environment. Which is why I love these little reusable sandwich and snack bags. These ones here are made by Counting Bunnies What a clever idea not only can you use them for whatever your needs may be, they are reusable, adorable, and only need to be wiped out to use again, but can be machine washed. I am a fan!!! Pictured are the ones she has submitted for the etsy kids challenge, but she offers them in many other fabric choices. She also offers a wide range of other cool items as well.

Sellers description of this item:

The sandwich bag is approx. 6 1/2 x 7". The outside is made from 100% cotton fabric, while the inside is made from a food safe water resistant ripstop nylon. The snack size bag is made from same liner and a coordinating yellow fabric. The size is: 4 x 6.5"Wipes clean for quick clean up or can be machine washed.Hang to dry. Has hook and loop fastener to close so none of your lunch escapes!Go Green!

interested in seeing other entrys for this months etsy kids challenge? next time you are on etsy use this tag in the search handmade ekchallengejul09 you will find many other great back to school items.

Monday, July 13, 2009

This Weeks Featured Shop Enchanted Dandelions

Hello from the gorgeous Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia! I'm April, owner of Enchanted Dandelions. Of course, my primary title is momma to my three little Sprouts (ages 4, 3 and 12m). You'll often find us outside, working in the garden, watching birds at the backyard feeders, and exploring nature on our frequent hiking treks. Our not-so-mainstream life in which we strive to live as naturally as possible is the inspiration behind Enchanted Dandelions. Through my Etsy shop, I'm able to combine that goal with my passion for sewing and creating, to provide others with unique, high-quality handmade products. In my shop, you'll find Owie Bags (flaxseed hot/cold packs), baby and toddler bibs, embellished prefolds, cloth wipes and washcloths, cloth diaper cakes, and so much more!

Her Shop is awesome!! You really need to have a look at the neat and unique items she creates. I really love the Flax seed Hot/cold pack pictured, and the SushiRoll Flannel and Terry cloth wipe/washcloth also pictured. If you like her desings be sure to retweet her so others can learn about her too.

Check Out Linda Dearies' Designs

My name is Linda and I live in Texas with my boyfriend Michael and our little pug dog Sophie. We have lived in Texas for almost four years and I am still getting used to the incredibly hot summers. I am a teacher and currently I teach Pre-Kindergarten (three, four, and five-year-olds).

My favorite things to make for Etsy are hairclips. When I was a teenager, I learned how to make Japanese paper cuttings and I loved cutting flowers and designs out of paper. Instead of paper, I now use felt and fabric. I cut everything by hand (no stencils or lines) and every flower looks unique.

My favorite flowers in my collection are the Sam (red and fuchsia) and Matilda (ivory, lavender, and red) styles. My customers' favorite flowers tend to be the Savanna (baby pink) and daisy styles. I enjoy being a part of the Etsy community and marveling at the other wonderful artists from across the world.

Linda is also an amazing graphic artist she did my banner for my blog, and my logo button design. She is so easy to work with and so so nice!! So drop by her shop and check out all her sweet designs. All her hair clippies are hand cut and sewn from her own pattern. WOW!! If you Love Lindas' Designs be sure to retweet her so others can learn about her too.

You can visit Linda Dearie Here or

Friday, July 10, 2009

Win YOUR SHOP AD & LINK OR SHOP MINI on my side bar

I have added a new feature to my blog. In an effort to promote handmade shops I am putting free ads on my blogs side bar. You can see this weeks winner. All you need to to enter is post a comment anywhere on my blog, but make sure you let me know in your comment you are posting to enter. All blog comments come through my email so I will see them. Best comment wins ONE WEEK FREE ADVERTISING!! SO BE CREATIVE !!! :)


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Look What I made, You Can Too!!

My daughter needed a black outfit for her end of the year program. I really wanted to make her a special outfit, but up until this point I have never attempted to make shirts. Sleeves always have confused me. :) Anyways I found this great tutorial for a peasant top which made it look pretty easy here's the link So I was able to cut the pieces out after a few tries, I always test new things on my fabric scraps. I was actually able to make a decent looking shirt. I did the sleeves a little differently because I cut them too small at the bottom, I omitted the elastic on the sleeves. So they ended up being like capped sleeves, and looked fine to me.

Then I made the pants. I love the look of the wide leg 3/4 length pants. So I took my regular pants pattern and widened it about 3"-4" on each side on each pant leg. I generally keep the true size in the rear end area.
This is great summertime/warmer weather outfit. It's light, comfy, and cute.
Give it a try and if you make either of these items send me a picture I would love to post it!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Get Eurofied Summer Sampler Boxes ON SALE NOW

The ultimate european handmade sampler boxes are on sale for only $7.50!!!! The samples in the boxes come from artisans all over Europe. They make excellent gifts, and are so fun to open and go through. If you would like to participate in the Get Eurofied sampler box, it's great advertisement for your shop, you can visit If your are interested in purchasing a get eurofied sampler box visit

This Weeks Featured Shop Enchanted Memories

I am a married mother of three,two of which are still in diapers. With all the toys and clutter that goes along with little ones, I decided I needed a way to have a creative outlet without taking up the much needed space in the house that painting does, so I fell into digital arts. I honestly love what I do and it brings a smile to my face when my customers get excited that I have just created something that was trapped in their heads that they could not bring to life, or have an announcement with beautiful pictures to help share the joy of an addition to their families. I design a a variety of personal as well as business items and create my own graphics and logo designs.

She also did My Ad which is on the side bar, I love it she does awesome work!! You should check out her shop, and if you purchase be sure to let her know you found her on that girls crafty!!

If you like enchanted Memories be sure to retweet her so others can learn about her too!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tutorial: How To Sew A U Shaped Travel Pillow

I am adding this tutorial because I made a these for my girls for our summer vacation 8 hour drive, and I like to promote sleeping in the car. :)My girls take their pillows even on short trips. These are great little items to have for traveling, they are fast, easy, and fun to make.

Start with 2 pieces of fabric right sides together, and with a fabric marker make a large upside down U. Now as far as size goes you will want to make these a few inches larger than you want them to be. For me the sizing was trial and error. Take your ruler and from each point in your U measure out to right on the right side and to the left on the left side. I did mine mine about 7". From the end point of this line draw another upside down U over the first one you made point to point. Making it fairly large on the curves. There is your pattern. You can always do that on a piece of cardboard first to make a template.

Cut Your pieces out and sew them together, making sure you leave an opening a few inches wide for stuffing. I left my opening on the outside straightest edge to keep it easy to sew shut.

All stitched now turn your pillow right side out through the hole you left open. What I did with my pillow which is optional is I made a stitch all the way around on the outside so it will look the same all around once you sew your opening shut.

Now it's time to stuff, this step is self explanatory. :)

Once it's all stuffed sew it shut, and VOILA you have a new travel pillow.

If you Liked this tutorial feel free to comment, and be sweet retweet!! :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Handmade On Sale For July

We all like a good sale, well at least I know I do. So here is another list of a few shops of handmade items on sale for July. Happy Shopping!!!

Colorful Casual is offering free shipping for the whole month of July!!

Soap Buffet is offering mini muffin soaps for only 75 cents. each

Sunshine City Lassie is offering 50% off all her Jewlery WOW!!

Welcome to My Whimsy is having a Christmas in July sale

Annie K Designs is also having a Christmas in July sale from the 8-23 chritmas in July items are
25% off.

Marotte Sud is having a christmas in July Special offer, a free gift with every purchase over $20.00

Katker is having a July CLEARANCE Sale 20-35% off everything except Pif.

Miss Knits is offering 30% off of everything for the next 4 customers as well as a free scrubby! Nice

Artlife is offering buy 3 note cards sets and get the 4th free

Buddha Kitty Glass has an ongoing sale

More coming soon....

My Newest Item for Back To School The Fold Over Flap Sack Book Bag

I know I know summer just started, so why am I thinking back to school?? Well I suppose it's never too early, that and it was this months etsy kids challenge. Actually this bag was inspired by my 6 year old daughter who lovingly informed me that she was not using a backpack for 1st grade, but she wanted a purse. So this design filled both needs. It's big enough for her snack, pencil case,folders,etc. and it has 2 straps long enough to go across her body, or over her shoulder. She was quite content with the merging of the 2 ideas, so much infact she asked me to make one for all her friends. :) This item is available in my etsy shop, and there will be more fabric choices available soon.
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