Wednesday, July 15, 2009

If You Are A Mommy You Will Love This Item

I saw these great little sandwich and snack bags while searching through the items on this months etsy kids challenge back to school. I am such a user of plastic baggies as I am sure most of us moms are. I take snacks in them, put wipes in them, & put odds and ends in them. I always have a little pain of guilt when I throw them away, knowing they take forever to breakdown, and that they are horrible for the environment. Which is why I love these little reusable sandwich and snack bags. These ones here are made by Counting Bunnies What a clever idea not only can you use them for whatever your needs may be, they are reusable, adorable, and only need to be wiped out to use again, but can be machine washed. I am a fan!!! Pictured are the ones she has submitted for the etsy kids challenge, but she offers them in many other fabric choices. She also offers a wide range of other cool items as well.

Sellers description of this item:

The sandwich bag is approx. 6 1/2 x 7". The outside is made from 100% cotton fabric, while the inside is made from a food safe water resistant ripstop nylon. The snack size bag is made from same liner and a coordinating yellow fabric. The size is: 4 x 6.5"Wipes clean for quick clean up or can be machine washed.Hang to dry. Has hook and loop fastener to close so none of your lunch escapes!Go Green!

interested in seeing other entrys for this months etsy kids challenge? next time you are on etsy use this tag in the search handmade ekchallengejul09 you will find many other great back to school items.

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