Monday, August 17, 2009

This Weeks Featured Seller Moon Duck Designs

My name is Kristyn Youngblood and my shop is called Moon Duck Designs. I create handmade, ecofriendly bracelets out of recycled magazines and wood. Each bracelet is unique, and no two are alike. I was inspired to make these during a collage project in my Mixed Media class. All the students were rummaging through stacks and stacks of old magazines, and I realized how many magazines were just lying around my house and how many I have thrown away in the past! So I put all my old magazines to good use and recycled them! Also, every bangle is made from poplar wood, so don't worry! Poplars are very fast growing trees and many are grown on plantations with the sole purpose of being cut down to make wood, paper, etc. My how "green" of me! =] I can also make a custom designs! I just love creating these bracelets, and I hope people enjoy them too!

You can visit her shop by clicking here

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