Monday, August 24, 2009

This Weeks Featured Shop Kaur Funktion

Hello everyone! My name is Manju Dhat, otherwise known as Kreative Kaur of Kaur Funktion. I was born and raised in the lush mountains of the Fraser Valley, just outside Vancouver, Canada. Background on the word "Kaur":Kaur (sounds like "core") and in the Punjabi language means "lioness" or "princess". It is a middle name given to every female that is born to the Sikh faith. It's rather interesting seeing that Sikhs were once nomads 500 years ago and here I am, in reflection, a world traveller seeking greater insight to life complimenting my artistic pursuits.Kaur Funktion is a marketplace for the love of creative intentions. I scour the globe seeking artisans that fuse these intentions. Because of our similarities and uniqueness, Kaur Funktion is our avenue to work with our ideas in our individual specialty. My flavor being large scale oil painting. My friends and I have a saying, "Go large, or go home." Lol... this also is applicable to our journey in life, wouldn't you say?Eventually, the offerings from this website will allow me to benefit my humanitarian pursuits and further my social intentions through my own artistic and business practice. I have worked with many non-profits thus far, including UN Volunteers, explorASIAN, and my lifetime project, Dhata Foundation ( I have a belief that has sustained me thus far, and that is "Art Saves Lives". Art can be labelled on many levels, but I think it's the act of creating that drives me to invest my time in something that contributes to the beauty and inspiration that the world has to offer. By creating a business of artistic practices with other "like" minded individuals, I hope to nurture and fuel these humanitarian pursuits.Lifelong endeavor:"Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi
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