Monday, June 22, 2009

This Weeks Featured Shop 2kute Kreations

My name is Rose and I started 2kutekreations in 2008. I did not use to be creative, but in 2003 I had a minor stroke which left me unable to do many things amongst them, hold a job. Well, I guess after the stroke my wiring got crossed because I started to have this need to create.
After a few months of relearning the crochet I had known since my teen yrs, I kept practicing and learning new techniques and more advanced stitches. Slowly I started to crochet for family, friends and charity.
Then I started to branch out and make cards and gift tags. The spare bedroom became my studio which I filled with my yarn and toys. One day I heard of etsy and I signed up in Jan of 2008. Oh so scary to put pics of your creations up. What if no one likes them? But I took the plunge around May of the same yr and I started to list.
Well, as yall can see, I am still here. I love crafting and etsy.
So stop by my shop and see what you think? Should I continue crafting and listing?

If you would like to visit her shop click here


  1. One of my fave ladies, and fave shops!

  2. Of course you should continue to keep crafting and listing!!! AND you should expand, dont keep all your eggs in one basket!
    Keep up the great work!

  3. an inspiring story... and cute crafts, too!

  4. 2kute is a favorite friend of mine on Etsy - great stuff, hon!

  5. totally cool that you are on etsy.. you are one of the chatters i enjoy talking too!


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