Monday, September 21, 2009

This Weeks Featured Shop Studio MME

My shop, Studio MME, is where I sell unsigned and unnumbered prints of my original pen and ink illustrations. I work a lot with fairy tales and folktales but have recently branched out into my own stories. I'm drawn to the Edwardian and Victorian periods and love drawing highly detailed wallpaper. I've also recently stocked my shop with prints of the photographs I took with a 60 year old camera (that still had unused film in it) that I found in my grandmother's closet. It was so cool! The images look like they were taken decades ago, all grainy and foggy in areas. A very nice vintage touch.I've also had the pleasure of recently working with Polarity on Etsy. She's used her amazing talents and my prints to make two of her signature lockets. One features Ophelia, Hamlet, and a section of the play, while the other shows the big-wigged women from my, "A Very Victorian Tea Party," print. You can find both for sale at Polarity's shop,

If you would like to visit her shop please click here

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