Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This Weeks Featured Shop Katie Anne Creations

I totally fell in love with this shop, she makes some of the most interesting and cool items from things most of us would just throw away (hopefully in the recycler) :) So hope you enjoy this weeks featured shop, and will visit her.

I have been making things since I was a little girl playing with macaroni noodles. Over the years I have done everything from painting to soap making and am really into using anything recycled. My favorite craft that I have discovered is making jewelry from recycled cans and used gift cards. I am a soda addict and everyone who is around me knows it! So, this craft is perfect for me. My funniest experience with this craft is asking people for their cans. People look at me strangely sometimes but I explain to them what I do with the cans and they at least pretend to be ok with it :) I have to ask my rowdy male neighbors for their beer cans since I myself don't drink and they think it is awesome!Please check out all my handmade creations and let me know what you think. My favorite part of crafting is seeing people happy with my products. I love doing custom orders and am good at almost any craft project as I have taught crafting classes to both adults and children. I currently have my items for sale on my website http://www.katieanncreations.etsy.com/ and am in a few stores. I want to get my items out to more stores so if you know of any that may like my stuff, please let me know. If you yourself are a crafter...don't give up! Keep on crafting and eventually you will find what you like to do! I am convo friendly and love to chat!P.S.-We only have one planet so lets do our part to take care of it...please recycle :)Check out my other etsy store at CraftyCollegeGirls.etsy.com

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