Friday, February 19, 2010

Next weeks Featured Seller Enlighted Artisan

Since I will be leaving for vacation tomorrow (most swiss get one week off during Feb. for skiing, so cool) Anyways, next week I will be in the alps, and not near my computer, so I would like to share next weeks featured shop/seller who makes some super amazing stuff. I hope you enjoy!!

I am a relatively new seller on etsy (this is my fourth week). I'm slowly building up my inventory as I design and finish new pieces. I've been painting stones for a few years, but mostly just for fun or to give them away, although I have done a few small craft fairs. I taught myself origami last year, again just for fun.I've known about etsy for a few years, but never really considered becoming a seller myself until a couple of months ago. I plan to broaden my offerings over the coming weeks and months to include altered art, a wider array of painted stones, maybe some origami box sets (marketed for storage of jewelry, keepsakes, etc), decoupaged origami boxes, and cigar box art and accessories. I actually listed my first cigar box purse last night.I've always loved to make things, but I don't think I've ever taken a class. It's not that I'm opposed to them, but rather that I've always been one to kind of just figure stuff out. I see something I want to do, so I go buy a couple of books (or in today's Jetsonian age, hop on the Internet), deconstruct it and try to figure out how it's done, or just get a general idea and wing it. It is for this reason, I'm proud to say, that I never produce a "perfect" product. If I wanted something perfect, I'd commission Martha Stewart...I prefer personality!I get ideas all the time, and often in odd places. For this reason, I always carry my blue graph-paper notebook with me. I have a lot of drive time to work and back every day, which counts as primo idea time for me.I love talking to people and making new friends. I also love to do custom pieces. I love convos and welcome them at any time...whether it's to ask a question, make a suggestion, request a custom piece or just to say hi.Here are all of my links:etsy: fan page:

Please visit her shop to see all her super fun items, or become her fan on FB, or follow her blog.


  1. Thanks so much to you, Jessica, for featuring me and my shop! I'll be doing your feature blog post tonight, and will send you the link. Have a fantastic ski vacation in the Alps!


  2. Very nice feature; I especially love the honeycomb purse, very original!

    Enjoy your skiing!
    Angie x


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