Monday, October 12, 2009

This Weeks Featured Seller Dig The Earth

My name is Kev and I'm one of the minority, the elusive Etsy male! I live in Yorkshire, UK with my wife and two young boys. My shop is called Dig The Earth, and I produce a range of eco-friendly greetings cards. All my cards are made from 100% recycled stock and come with fully biodegradable protective corn-starch 'cello wraps' – no harmful plastic involved at all! I also produce a range of hand drawn mirror frames. These are all shop bought frames that are made unique and hopefully a lot more desirable with my illustrations! I seem to spend a fair chunk of my time taking product photographs of my wife's fantastic handmade jewellery (you can check out some of my work in her Etsy shop: RubySpiritDesigns), but my 'proper job' is running the artwork studio for a design agency. I write a weekly blog for a UK based handmade site: and also post daily on my own handmade inspirational products blog: – which aims to promote beautiful handmade products from around the world!

Please feel free to visit his shop by clicking here

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  1. Thank you for featuring my work Jessica! Great blog you have :)


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