Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Made My Kids Costumes For Halloween Here's How

This year for the first time I really wanted to make my halloween costumes for my girls. They were all over the idea, and had a great time in the fabric shop. We decided on witch costumes. I made a skirts, capes, and brooms for them.

1) Skirts: we decided on 2 different tulles for the skirts, and I took 2 yards of each. I used this method to make them but instead of using a normal measurment for the width I made them like 3 times wider than that to create a more poofy skirt. I did the same measurements for each layer of tulle, and sewed them together at the top. Then I fooled the rest of the steps in the tut mentioned above. If you would like a tut for a no sew tutu this is a good one

2) Capes: The girls chose their fabric and I took 1 meter for each (almost a yard) They cut by Meters in Europe :) First I made straps by cutting 2 strips folding right sides together and turned right sideout by sticking a safety pin and feeding it through. Then I measured the across the back with arms extended. and I hemmed the top, then I sewed the straps around the neck area. My girls asked for a kind of winged cape to "fly" better :) so I put a small loop of elastic at each end for them to feed their hands through, and then I cut the bottom on kind of a half circle.

3) Brooms I think we had the most fun with this one. We went to the forest gatherd up small twigs and sticks for the bottom, and a big stick for the handle. We then put all the small sticks together and wrapped them with wire, and twine.

The rest of their costumes were just items we already had here. I have to say my days of purchasing costumes are over. It was so much more fun for my girls to be invloved the process of making thier costumes rather than just choosing them off the rack.

If you have any handmade costume ideas feel free to post them here. Happy Haunting!!

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