Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Weeks Featured Seller Shebbo Design

Welcome to my world!
My name is Şebnem Ergün, I live in Istanbul- the magical city I design decorative handpainted stone and porcelaine objects which is blended with my love , passion and spirit!
I have a 8 months old - kitty son Pasha, sometimes my lovely cat also gives me the inspiration for my creations! I love animals, nature, sea, walking under the rain, feeding sea gulls...I am also interested meditation and spiritual healing methods.
Painting was my biggest passion in my childhood. I had loved to make charcoal drawings and oil paintings until I started the university. Even though my inner dream was studying the fine arts; I chose Business Administration that was “the shining star” branch of those years. After I graduated from university in my twenty, I was thrown into the business life. I have worked in various management positions at stressfull enviroment with high-tempo for over 15 years. During that time period, unfortunately I was far away my painting passion. In 2008, I realized the business atmosphere of Plazas really exhausted me, in July 2008 I decided to rest for a while to refresh myself and I quit my job with a radical desicion!
In my refreshment period; I embraced my painting passion again by listening to my heart..Wise, silent Stones have awaken my inner MUSE! With the inspiration I take from nature, I have started to revive their spirits with my colorful brush strokes…
Also I am painting porcelains with onglaze porcelain painting technique. I attended Porcelain Painting and Decoration art course at Caferaga Medresesi. (Traditional Turkish Art school which was built 450 years ago by Sinan the Architect beside the famous Hagia Sofia.) I am still working on traditional Turkish tile art and free-style painting techniques on porcelain and tiles... Besides; herefrom I would like to thank my sister Sule who accompany me on porcelain painting art; some of her porcelain objects are also listed in my shop.
May each of you have the opportunities to listen to your heart and awake your inner passion which brings the real joy that already lies deep in your soul; like I did 
To God, I am thankful for my artistic talent; I will continue painting and coloring my creations with the inspiration I take from the whole universe.
Greetings from Istanbul! Shebbodesign.

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