Monday, July 25, 2011


Hello again, I am back after having my baby, and ready to start crafting again. I decided yesterday that I NEEDED some adorable hair bows for my new baby girl. So I logged into etsy and started searching, and there are some extra cute bows to choose from. Then the crafting itch got the better of me, and I started looking for tutorials online, and I am posting this one because it was so easy. I tried it out this afternoon, and now all my girls are the proud new owners of hair bows. I cannot stress how easy this was, and also versitile. I glued one to an aligator clip for the baby, and thin headband for my oldest, and a normal barret for my middle. I suggest using at least 1.5 inch wide ribbon anything smaller won't work well. When I found out how simple they are to make I hightailed it to ebay and got some ribbon,clips, and headbands. I can't wait to make more, and I will probably put some in my shop. Anyways here is the tut I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

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