Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beginner Tutorial Make Your Own Burp Cloths In 5 EASY Steps!!!

My third and final baby girl will be here soon, and I really needed some burp cloths to use for her. So I decided to just make some because I had some extra  fabric just sitting around. Well I just finished up 13 of these super cute super easy burp cloths. And you can do the same. Here is what you need to get statred.

Fabric I used flannel for one side, and 100% cotton for the other. You can use what you have, I have found that at least one side with something soft works well.
Scissors and or rotary cutter
sewing machine
yard stick
and a board to cut on

1) To start take one of your fabrics and cut it in a rectangle around 20" inches in length and about 12" wide. You can really make these longer or shorter or wider or not as wide. All up to your preferance. I tend to like mine a little on the wider and longer side. just remember the sewing will take off an inch or 2 before your done, so plan for that.
2) Now cut your other piece of fabric the exact same size.
3) Take both pieces and face them RIGHT sides together, and sew all the way around leaving a small hole unsewn at the top. Normally I do this near the corner, but do it how your comfortable.
4) Using the unsewn hole turn your burp cloth inside out, and close the hole by stitching all the way across from side to side along the outside. I have found a small zigzag stitch works well, but a straight will work just as well.
5) Now top stitch the rest of the sides all the way around your burp cloth. This will make it nice and sturdy.

VOILA You are all done, and now have a super great new burp cloth unlike anyone else!! How easy was that!!??

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