Friday, August 6, 2010

This Weeks Featured Seller Toastory

Toastory offers exclusive handmade fashion accessories. Every single piece is one of a kind, high quality and in limited quantity. From here, you can find a unique style of accessories that bring you a new, stylish look. I try my best to create accessory that is not existed. And hope customers would find something unique and represent them. For my brand image, my mission is to create an adorable but stylish accessory that you would adore. I named it “toastory” because that is from my initial concept for this business. I was trying to come up a word together with “tote” and “accessory”. And finally, I chose this spelling: “toastory”. My inspiration came from everywhere of my life, such as visual objects, garment components. I love deconstructed pieces, and apply to accessories, then try to make them wearable. I would love to be reached by etsy convo or my email:

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