Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some favorite Handmade Back to school Items

School Is starting again soon, and I can't believe it!! I have been doing a little shopping around for some of my fave back to school items, and am compiling a list of my top ten for you all.

1) Personalized Lunch Box (love it!!)
2)Handpainted canvas Book bag
3)Minky Blanket (great for the Preschool crowd)
4)Cool Messanger Bag
5)iPad Case (a must for any back to schooler LOL)
6)Personalized Notepad (soooo cute!!)
7) Insulated Lunch Bag
8) Reusable snack bags (saves on plastic baggies)
9)School Rocks T-shirt
10) Fold over Sack

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