Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This weeks Featured shop, Designs By Kali

I found this shop because on March 1st I learned that my baby's heart had stopped beating at 10 weeks. I was really down for a while, and decided that I needed a tangible item to keep with me to remind me that he/she was gone but not forgotten. So I started searching for miscarriage memorial items, and I came accross designs by Kali. She has some beatiful items in her shop. The angel pin (pictured) is what I found in my search. I thought it was perfect.

Here is a little more info about her.

KCKay is a company focused on many different areas of creativity and design. Designs By Kali is the first line to be produced, focused on handmade jewelry, purses and accessories. It was created by Kalista, who has been creating and making things her whole life. She started making jewelry by learning to make beaded earrings and has continued learning and creating new pieces for 25 years. She also paints, makes cards, and assembles furniture, but one of her favorite activities is beading pictures on the loom.This is the link to visit our company web site. there is more information you would like to have please ask. Like I said I am new to this blog stuff so I am not sure what all you would like.Thank you again for your interest in my shop. I will be putting up some new earrings in the next couple of days so be sure to visit often to see what's new.
Be sure to check out all the wonderful items in her shop

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