Monday, January 11, 2010

This Weeks Featured Seller Baba Yagada

I have 12+ years experience as a textile andgraphic designer along with being an illustrator.My Etsy Shop is offering for sale high quality prints of my original digital and mixed media artworks.I works in a variety of mediums, constantly experimenting with a new techniques ; often mixing customized photos and textures, my pencil or ink drawings and also found objects with digital manipulation.I've been lived in Israel almost 18 years (I have russian origins and my native language is Russian).Actually the most of my ancestry trace their descent from Ukraine and Poland,inspite of they lived also in a different regions : Uzbekistan in Middle Asia and Caucasus.I was born and raised in Georgia ( this's the country in Caucasus region which was a soviet republic in the time of USSR and a part of Russian Impire before the revolution of 1917).So, this melting pot of languages and cultures could be considered my majorinspiration.With all my art works I'd like to share my special fascination with complication and mystery of our reality. My nickname Baba Yagada is the invention which came from therussian folk tales but in fact it has more complex meaning.Baba Yaga is a character of ugly old witch. She lives in a deepenchanted forest in a hut with a gigant chicken legs."Baba" isa demotic word which means "woman"."Agada" means "tale" in Hebrew. "Yagoda" is "berry" in Russian( some russian folk idiomatic expression tells "baba yagodka"which means "young attractive woman"). Thank you very much and I hope this isn't too boring..!


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  2. What an interesting artist! Great feature :)


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