Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Recycle Those Plastic Bags & Make Something Useful!!

I absolutley hate the amount of plastic bags I have!! Luckily in here in Europe we have to buy them from the grocery store reminding us to bring our own, but we still get them when we buy clothing, or shoes or other goods. I saw this on TV a while back and thought it was a brilliant idea to use up those extra plastic bags and have a cool new item too, win win!!! I gave this a try the other day and gave it to my daughter use and she seems to like it.

Introducing the plastic bag pillow!!!!
You can make it any size or shape make a small travel pillow, or if you have tons of bags like me make a big one for your bed!! :)

1) Start out with 2 pieces of fabric the same size, if you're a novice sewer go for a square or rectangle.

2) With right sides together sew all the way around leaving a hole, you may want to around twice for extra durablity.

3) Turn the pillow right side out and stuff those bags in as many as you can!!!!

4) sew up the hole and voila you are done, now you have a brand new pillow and saved some plastic bags from a landfill somewhere!! Dosen't that feel good??

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  1. this is a brilliant idea! i have seen a lot of recycling done with plastic bags , this must be the most unique one!! well done!

  2. Excellent idea! What an awesomely creative way to save the environment!

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