Thursday, December 10, 2009

Having a Handmade Christmas??

Here are some ideas to get you started. I will start with the scrabble tile pendants. I am making these this year for friends and family. These make excellent little gifts for teachers and friends alike. They are easy and fun to make, and you can easily personlize each one. The ones pictured are a few I made. I made the digital collage pictures as well, I am providing some links to some of my scrabble tile collages. They are inexpensive and come through the email for you to print so no waitng for snail mail!!
This is the tut I used, and I have never made these before and they turned out pretty cute. FYI I didn't find exactly what the tut said to use, so I just used craft glue on the bottom clear glue on the top, and a clear acrylic varnish on top. It's not as nice as the finish used there but it works. :)

Here are a few other links for handmade gift ideas

If you have any other handmade gift ideas or tuts please post here!! Happy crafting, and happy holidays!!


  1. love those scrabble pendants! where do you buy your acrylic varnish?

  2. Thank you!! I usually go to my local craft store, in Bienne Switzerland.

  3. I have always wanted to try this...I might have to do so after the holidays!

  4. you Totally should they are a lot of fun!! feel free to post any photos of pendants you made.


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