Friday, February 1, 2013

Reversable Elastic Bandana Hat Tutorial

This tutorial was invented out of my neccesity to get my girls to wear hats. They would never keep them on in the sun. They love these bandanas and they can leave them on all day. If you have this problem too, try out this fun tutorial?

Materials needed

 fabric (2 coordinating)
Cutting Board and Ruler
Sewing machine

1) Measure top (ear to ear) and bottom portions of  your subjects head. Keep the measurments handy for later.

2) Now Using the top measurement you will be cutting a triangle making sure to keep the widest part of the triangle with the ear to ear measurement. Cut 2 one out of each of your coordinating fabrics.

3) Cut Two strips about 2 inches wide by thw length of your bottom measurments, and cut your piece of elastic 1 to 2 inches shorter. If you want to keep the raw edges from showing fold down the top on each side and iron. It will be sewin on the inside of the triangle, so if you don't care you can skip that.

4) Sew the strips together right sides together to make a tube. Turn tube right side out by placeing a saftey pin on one side and feeding it through to the other.

5) Sew your triangles together (right sides facing) leaving the width at the top to turn right side out. Once your triangle is right side out fold the top pieces down poin together and sew, so you don't see any raw edges.

6) Feed your elastic through the tube by place one saftey pin on each side of the elastic and feeding it through.

7) Now to attatch the tube and triangle makeing sure to push the elastic to the tip of the tube, then sew on the inside tip of the triangle. Then you will need to scrunch down the fabric tube a little to get the end of the elastic on to the other side then sew the two together on the other side.

VOILA you're all done

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