Friday, November 9, 2012

Tutorial Bottlecap Pendant Necklace

So I know the title says necklace, but you can do quite a few things with these decorated bottlecaps.  I have made them for scrapbooking, magnets, as well as necklaces. So what you need to start is ofcourse bottlecaps which you can get everywhere on ebay  etsy. 1 inch size cirlce Digital collage sheets, you can purchase a wide variety here   and 1" hole punch.  Mod Podge, and Diamond Glaze (judikins is a good brand) or self adhesive epoxy domes. Sticker paper makes the process a little easier, but not neccessary. If you are making necklaces you will need a bottlecap hole punch and jump rings (also easily available on etsy)  Ok let's get started.

1) Print out your collage sheet

2) If you used sticker paper go ahead stick it to your bottlecap on either side I like to use the inside The picture seems to hold better. If you don't have sticker paper, take your Mod Podge and lightly brush it on the bottlecap and stick the image on, then lightly brush the Mod Podge over the top of the image and let dry.

3) If you are using epoxy domes skip the mod podge step and put ypur epoxy dome on top, and skip ahead to hole punching. If you're using the mod podge once it's dry put the diamond glaze on top and let dry. I usually glaze 2 or 3 times. To avoid getting bubbles in the glaze squeeze on to a paper and brush on.

4) If you are making magnets once your caps are dry go ahead and hot glue or epoxy glue your magnets on. If you are using these for scrapbooking you're done. For those making necklaces take your bottlecap punch and make a hole in the top middle. and slip the ring through the hole and squeeze shut with pliers. You can do the hole punch step at the begining, but I prefer at the end because I always forget to line up the picture.

5) String your necklace through the hole, and Voila you're done!!!

These make great gifts, and I like to use them for party favors. These are quite popular with my girls and their friends. The Hello Kitty images seen in the picture can be purchased in my store, link above. If you do happen to purchase a collage sheet from my shop use the code blog10 for 10% off your purchase!! I always offer buy 3 get one free.

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