Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Make your own Halloween Party Game Bean Bag Tutorial

For this years Halloween party we decided to do a bean bag toss. So for the bean bags, which are made very quickly and easily, you will need, fabric scraps any shape or size, scissors, sewing machine, some type of filling, (I used millet cereal) and thread. I find the easiest shape to make is a sqaure or rectangle.

1) Cut your fabric to your desired shape you need 2 identical pieces.

2) Put the pieces RIGHT sides facing eachother.

3) Sew around edges about 1/2 an inch in to ensure no holes for your beans to escape. :) Don't forget to leave a side open for filling.

4) Turn your fabric right side out and fill. I filled mine about halt to 3/4 full. That way you have plenty of space to sew shut.

5) Fold the open ends down and sew shut.

Voila you're all finished!!

Then we found a box folded in the top parts and painted it orange and black. The kids have been having a great time with this game since we made it, and we had fun making it too.

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