Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Fun DIY For Fall LEGWARMERS!!!!! EASY!!! Tutorial

I have been having so much fun making these for my girls!! The are super practical for the baby with changing diapers and such. They are also a super cute addition to my older girls wardrobes, and great for fall, and not to mention quite fashionable.

All you need is some kids knee high socks for baby, or adult knee highs for the older guys. a sewing machince and scissors. I found some great Tutorials on YouTube if you actually need to see it being made.
Heres a good one.

Start with cutting off the foot part of your sock straight accross. Next cut the toe and heel off.
Take the toe and heel part and create a tube by folding the that part in half wrong sides together (very important).  Place the tube on the sock with all cut edges together. So the folded part should point toward the top of the sock, and the raw edges should be at the bottom. Now you can pin in place and go to the sewing machine. Take the removeable compartment off your machine, and stretch your sock around to get ready to sew. Make sure you have all three edges together. Sew all the way around, and repeat for the other sock. VoilĂ  you are now the proud owner of a new pair of legwarmers.:)

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  1. That's a nifty idea- especially for newborns as they really hate having to get undressed for nappy changes don't they?


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