Sunday, March 6, 2011

BEGINNER TUTORIAL!!! Make An Over The Shoulder Scrunch Sack Great for the Beach!!

This is a bag I came up with a while ago, which is super easy and fun to make. And with warmer weather coming I thought it would be a get ready for spring/summer Tut. So let's get started!! What you will need: 1 yard and a half to 2 yards of fabric plus some long thin fabric in a coordinating pattern for the straps. Scissors, matching thread, and a sewing Machine.

1) Fold your fabric in half evenly right sides together. Cut into 2 identical pieces. You should have 2 rectangles. Make sure to have them long ways.
2) Cut each corner at the bottom about 3 inches in. Totally your choice how much you want to cut off just don't exaggerate.  You should now have a sort of diamond shape.
3) At the top of your bag fold and iron the top of each side to make a casing. You can fold down an inch each time. Now sew casing closed along the bottom leaving sides open ofcourse.
4) Put your bag pieces again right sides together. and sew all the way around being careful not to sew sides of casing shut. You may want to go over this more than once, so your bag is nice and strong.
5) Now for the straps Take a coordinating fabric or the same if you have enough length, and make 2 long as you want strips. I made mine about a yard long, and about 3 inches thick. Fold them in half long ways, and right sides together. Sew them along the length. To turn them right side out take a safety pin, and attach it to one end, and feed it through to the other side. Now sew each side closed.
6) Now take your straps and one at a time attach a safety pin to one side, and feed through casing. now tie strap ends together. And VOILA!!!! You have yourself a handy new bag.
As you can see in one of the pictures I have painted a skull and crossbones on using a stencil and fabric paint. You can get super creative with your own bag using paint and appliques or any other things you can think of. Hope you enjoy!!


  1. I absolutely LOVE the scrunch bag! I haven't sewn in so long but I think I will take on this project with my daughter on April vacation! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Sure!!! Post a picture when your done. I'd love to see it!!


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