Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby Slings Anyone??

While shopping around for baby items I will be needing in the near future, I saw my daughter walk by with her baby doll in a  makeshift baby sling she had fashioned from a scarf. It was so cute!! So naturally I thought yes I will need something like that for the new baby. I got to looking for a sling, I came across http://www.slingpea.etsy.com/ and not only does she make slings for babies she makes them for baby dolls too!! I decided to get one for each of my girls for Christmas. They totally LOVE them!! Not to mention she custom made one for my 7 year old at no extra charge!! The one thing that I SO love about these slings is that they are very simple to use no wrapping required!! You just put it across your body and insert baby. :) She also has a website explaining all the different ways to hold the baby http://www.slingpea.com/instruct.htm It works for newborns up till close to 2 years old depending on weight. So if you are in the market for a baby sling check her shop out she makes them herself. I know I will be back to get one for our newest addition.


  1. My little one would LOVE something like that!

    I am your newest follower- found you from the BBC craft group :)



  2. Thanks for the follow!!! and My girls do love them!!


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