Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Handmade Christmas Present Idea

I actually found these last year, and just loved them!!! They are called chenille ornaments, made with chenille rods, and tons of cool embelishments. This link will give you full instructions start to finish  it looks so fun and easy I will definetly be giving this a try. I recently made a digital collage sheet for someone making these ornaments, and here is the link to that to get an idea of what either you can make on your own or purchase to get you started. I borrowed this picture of the finished product from with her permission. If you are not so much of a DIYer you can purchase these adorable ornaments from her shop she's got some cute ones. I hope you can find some time for crafting during your holidays handmade items weather made by you or someone else are always special., and make great gifts :)

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