Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This Weeks Featured Shop Acute Designs

Regina, owner of Acute Designs, is an artisan, avid cook, and writer. In addition to making chic accessories (hair and jewelry and a few pet items) for her Etsy shop, she also maintains two blogs. Useless Endeavor is all about her business, fashion, design, and reality TV. And the second blog, Taste, is about her other passion – food, cooking, and eating!

Regina is self-taught and finds inspiration in all things shabby-chic (with more of an emphasis on the chic), vintage, and a little Victorian.

She is constantly experimenting with new materials and techniques. She attempts to make her work current with the trends, creating pieces that are right now while simultaneously timeless.

Acute Designs’ accessories are made utilizing a mix of materials (satin, chiffon, voile, cotton, silk), feathers, buttons, vintage jewelry that has been deconstructed, vintage buttons, and quality artificial flowers.

Regina practices her craft, cooks and writes in hopes of leaving a beautiful touch on someone, inspiring people (or at least making them smile), and escaping the monotony that is her cubicle. The dream to work on what she loves and be her own boss is something she hopes to realize soon.


Blogs: (all about Etsy, fashion, design, etc) (all about food, cooking, and recipes)

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