Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This Weeks Featured Shop Chomel

My name is Fira, I am a mother of two (a boy 6 yrs and a girl 3 yrs), live in Belgium, Brussels. I am originally from Malaysia (South East Asia) and moved to Belgium 10 years ago (my husband is Belgian). I love sewing, crafting and baking (normal stuffs that mommies always do!). My story about Chomel probably too cliché, but this is what happened, I started sewing applique T-shirts for my kids, and from applique t-shirts, I made a matching skirts, and from matching skirts I made a matching hairclips for my it lead from one thing to another, without realising it I'm making loads of them, and it is too many for my kids to wear, so what I did was to put them on Ebay. I received a good feedback from my customers about my work, and that sort of giving me an encouragement to create more items and in different range. Chomel comes from a Malay word which means “cute” or “adorable”. In my design I try to create uniqueness that stands out from the crowd [ it is pretty hard to do when there are thousands of creative and talented people on ETSY! :-) ] Chomel is about, fun, cute, colourful, vibrant and cheerful. My products signature are handstitched applique T-shirts, handsticthed hairclips and other fabrics accessories they are 100% handcut and handstitched by me. I'm trying to positioning my products as value for money, not only pretty to look at but also durable and wearable

She has such wonderful items she's definelty worth a look!! Here is her shop link if you're interested.


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