Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rolled Roses and Two Tone Rolled Roses Tutorial

I just got a new Cuttle Bug machine Yippeee!! I just love making these adorable rolled roses they are great for so many things!! You can add them to cards or gift tags, put them on hair clips or headbands, among many other things.

This tutorial is to show you how to assemble the roses with the pre-cut pieces. I have the unassembled pieces for sale here  All you need is your pre cut pieces of felt and glue gun.

Start by taking the smallest part of piece of felt and rolling it into itself, and keep rolling till you get to the end. Now take the little scalloped piece that's left over and glue it to the bottom, and that's it, you're done.

unassembled Roses
Assembled Two tone and single color Rose
Now for the two toned rose you will need 2 of the pre-cut pieces in 2 different colors but the same size. Take one of the colors and start rolling it into itself. Once you're a few rolls in you can add the next color. cut off of the second color about what you rolled of the first, so just a tiny bit. Then line up the two colors new color on the inside. so that the peaks go into the dips. Now keep rolling the two together until you get to the end, then same as the before glue the little scalloped part to the bottom, and Voila you're all done!!

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